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Ansible Inventory

Ansible Inventory

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In the last blog post, we have discussed some basic concepts of Ansible. We have also learned how to install and configure Ansible.

In this blog post, we will discuss Ansible Inventory. We will also learn different aspect of inventory through a demo.

What is Ansible Inventory?

Ansible works against multiple systems in your infrastructure at the same time. It does this by selecting portions of systems listed in Ansible’s inventory, which defaults to being saved in the location /etc/ansible/hosts. You can specify a different inventory file using the -i <path> option on the command line. Not only is this inventory configurable, but you can also use multiple inventory files at the same time and pull inventory from dynamic or cloud sources or different formats (YAML, ini, etc).

Ansible Inventory Demo:

Hope you have enjoyed this article. In the next blog post, we will discuss Ansible Dynamic Inventory and will configure Ansible dynamic inventory for AWS.

To get more details on Ansible, please refer below Ansible documentation.


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