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AWS EC2 Launch Template

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AWS EC2 launch template

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In the last blog post, we have discussed how to create an AWS EC2 Spot request step by step.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss AWS EC2 Launch template.

AWS EC2 launch template

Whenever we create an instance using AWS EC2, we need to provide instance configuration details. To reduce the time and automate instance deployment, AWS EC2 enables you to save all the instance configuration into a template also known as launch template.

Launch template is used for Auto Scaling, Spot Fleet, Spot, and On-Demand instances. We can simply select a launch template during instance creation and AWS EC2 will create the instance according to the configuration defined in the template.

For each launch template, you can create one or more numbered launch template versions. Each version can have different launch parameters. You need to specify the launch template version during the instance launch. If no version is mentioned default version of launch template will be used. You can also define the default version of launch template. By default, the first launch template created will be set as default launch template.

Launch template restrictions

  1. You can create a maximum of 1000 launch template per region and maximum of 1000 versions for each launch template
  2. Launch parameters are not mandatory and are not validated during launch template creation. However, if any launch parameter is missing in your launch template, you must manually provide the parameter during instance creation
  3. Launch template versions are numbered in the order in which they are created. When you create a launch template version, you cannot specify the version number yourself.
  4. You can tag a launch template, but you cannot tag a launch template version.
  5. You cannot remove a launch parameter from your launch template during instance launch.

Hope you have enjoyed this article, in the next blog post we are going to create our 1st launch template