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AWS Vs Azure Vs GCP Cloud Services

AWS Vs Azure Vs GCP Cloud Services

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In the last blog post, we have discussed the difference between aws,azure, and gcp account organization.

In this blog post, we will discuss AWS vs Azure vs GCP cloud services.

AWS Vs Azure Vs GCP Cloud Services

Knowing one public cloud service provider is not enough anymore and the trend for multi-cloud professionals is growing where you need to be an expert in one cloud service provider and also know the basics of others. In line with this trend, I am collating cloud services provided by the three major public cloud providers AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Note: Each cloud service provider has its own sets of rules for defining a cloud service and a service feature. A full-fledged service in one cloud provider may be a feature of a service in another cloud provider. I have tried to compare the services to the best of my knowledge and ability. Hence, I would encourage a peer review from my cloud community. If you think any comparison is factually not correct or any service/feature that may be included in this list. Feel free to comment with a reference and I will update this blog accordingly.

AWS Vs Azure Vs GCP Cloud Services

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Azure Virtual Machines Compute Engine
Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling Virtual Machine Scale Sets Compute Engine Autoscaler
AWS Batch Azure Batch Batch on GKE (beta)
AWS Elastic Beanstalk App Service, Cloud Services App Engine
AWS Lambda Azure Functions Cloud Functions
AWS Outposts Azure Stack NA
AWS Snow Family Azure Data Box Transfer Appliance
VMware Cloud on AWS Azure VMware Solution Google Cloud VMware Engine
Amazon EC2 Dedicated Host Azure Dedicated Host Sole-tenant nodes
Amazon WorkSpaces Windows Virtual Desktop NA
AWS EC2 Spot Instances Azure Spot Virtual Machines Preemptible VMs
Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) Container Registry Container Registry, Artifact Registry
Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) Container Instances Cloud Run
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
AWS App Mesh Service Fabric Anthos Service Mesh
Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Virtual Network (VNet) Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
Amazon API Gateway API Management Apigee
Amazon CloudFront Content Delivery Network Cloud CDN
Amazon Route 53 Azure DNS Cloud DNS
AWS PrivateLink Azure Private Link VPC Service Controls
AWS Direct Connect Azure ExpressRoute Cloud Interconnect
AWS Global Accelerator Azure Front Door Cloud Load Balancing
AWS Transit Gateway Virtual WAN NA
Elastic Load Balancing Load Balancer Cloud Load Balancing
AWS VPC Peering Virtual Network Peering VPC Network Peering
AWS Virtual Private Network (VPN) Azure Virtual Private Network (VPN) Cloud VPN
AWS Shield Basic/Advanced Azure DDoS Protection Cloud Armor
AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) Web Application Firewall Cloud Armor
VPC Flow Logs Network Watcher VPC Flow Logs
AWS Application Load Balancer Application Gateway HTTP(S) Load Balancer
Network Load Balancer (NLB) Load Balancer TCP/UDP Load Balancer
NAT Gateway Virtual Network NAT Cloud NAT
Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) Blob Storage Cloud Storage
Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) Disk Storage Persistent Disk
Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) Azure Files Filestore
Amazon S3 Glacier Archive Storage Cloud Storage Archive
AWS Backup Azure Backup NA
Amazon Aurora Azure SQL Database Cloud Spanner
Amazon DynamoDB Azure Cosmos DB Cloud Bigtable
Amazon ElastiCache Azure Cache for Redis Memorystore
Amazon RDS Azure Database for MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL Cloud SQL
Amazon Redshift Synapse Analytics BigQuery
AWS Database Migration Service Azure Database Migration Service Database Migration Service
AWS Glue Data Factory, Data Catalog Cloud Data Fusion
AWS Identity & Access Management (IAM) Azure Active Directory (AD) Identity & Access Management (IAM)
Amazon Cognito Azure Active Directory (AD) Firebase Authentication
AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) NA NA
AWS CloudHSM Azure Dedicated HSM Cloud HSM
AWS Key Management Service (KMS) Key Vault Cloud Key Management Service
AWS Secrets Manager Key Vault Secret Manager
AWS Single Sign-On Azure Active Directory (AD) Cloud Identity
Amazon CloudWatch Azure Monitor Cloud Monitoring
AWS CloudFormation Azure Deployment Manager Cloud Deployment Manager
AWS CloudTrail Log Analytics Cloud Audit Logs
AWS Command Line Interface Azure Command Line Interface gcloud
AWS Config Azure Policy Cloud Asset Inventory
AWS Management Console Azure Portal Cloud Console
AWS Organizations Management Groups, Subscription Management, Policy Organization
AWS Personal Health Dashboard Azure Service Health NA
AWS Systems Manager Automation OS patch management
AWS Trusted Advisor Advisor NA
AWS Cost Management Services Cost Management + Billing Cost Management
AWS CloudShell Azure Cloud Shell Cloud Shell
AWS X-Ray Azure Monitor Cloud Trace, Cloud Debugger
Amazon Kinesis Azure Stream Analytics, Events Hub Dataflow, Pub/Sub
Amazon QuickSight Power BI Looker
Amazon Data Pipeline, AWS Glue, Managed Workflows for Apache Air Data Factory Cloud Composer
Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) Service Bus, Queue Storage Pub/Sub
Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) Azure Notification Hub Pub/Sub
AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) Azure SDK Cloud SDK
AWS CodeArtifact Azure DevOps – Azure Artifacts Artifact Registry
AWS CodeBuild Azure DevOps – Azure Test Plans Cloud Build
AWS CodeCommit Azure DevOps – Azure Repos Cloud Source Repositories
AWS CodeDeploy Azure DevOps – Azure Pipelines Cloud Build
AWS CodePipeline Azure DevOps – Azure Pipelines Cloud Build
AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store App Configuration NA
AWS CloudWatch Events Azure Scheduler, Azure Logic Apps – WebJobs Cloud Scheduler
AWS Database Migration Service Azure Database Migration Service Database Migration Service
AWS Server Migration Service Azure Migrate Migrate for Compute Engine
AWS Step Functions Logic App NA
Amazon EventBridge Event Grid Pub/Sub
AWS Amplify Xamarin Firebase
Amazon Location Service (Preview) Azure Maps Google Maps Platform
Amazon SageMaker Machine Learning AI Platform (Unified), AutoML
Amazon Comprehend Text Analytics Cloud Natural Language API
Amazon Lex Bot Framework Dialogflow
Amazon Personalize Personaliser Recommendations AI
Amazon Polly Text to Speech Text-to-Speech
Amazon Rekognition Azure Cognitive Services AI Platform (Unified)
Amazon Textract Computer Vision Cloud Vision, Vision AI
Amazon Translate Translator Cloud Translation
Amazon Transcribe Speech to Text Speech-to-Text
AWS IoT Core Azure IoT Hub IoT Core
Amazon Chime Microsoft 365 G Suite
Amazon Honeycode (Beta) Azure PowerApps Google App Maker
AWS ParallelCluster Azure CycleCloud NA
Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS Azure Red Hat OpenShift NA
AWS Network Firewall Azure Firewall NA
Virtual private gateway VPN Gateway Cloud VPN gateways
Amazon FSx for Lustre Avere vFXT for Azure NA
AWS Storage Gateway StorSimple NA
AWS Lake Formation Azure Data Share NA
Amazon GuardDuty Security Center Security Command Center
Amazon Inspector Security Center Security Command Center
Amazon Macie Azure Information Protection Cloud Data Loss Prevention
AWS Artifact Service Trust Portal NA
AWS Directory Service NA Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory (beta)
AWS Resource Access Manager NA NA
NA Azure Sentinel NA
NA NA Identity Platform
AWS Chatbot Azure Bot Service Dialogflow
AWS License Manager NA NA
AWS Service Catalog Azure Blueprint (preview) Private Catalog
Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) Microsoft 365 G Suite
NA Azure Site Recovery NA
Amazon CodeGuru Azure Monitor Cloud Profiler
Amazon Athena Data Lake Analytics BigQuery
Amazon Elasticsearch Service NA NA
Amazon EMR Azure Data Explorer, Databricks, HDInsight, Data Lake Storage Dataproc
AWS Data Pipeline Data Factory Cloud Data Fusion
AWS Lake Formation Azure Data Share NA
AWS Device Farm App Center Firebase Test Lab
NA Azure DevTest Labs NA
NA GitHub Actions for Azure NA
NA Azure Boards NA
NA NA Cloud Tasks
AWS Migration Hub Azure Migrate NA
AWS Application Discovery Service Azure Migrate NA
AWS DataSync File Sync NA
Amazon Healthlake Azure API for FHIR NA
NA NA Knative
AWS DeepLens Kinect DK NA
AWS Panorama (Preview) Vision AI DevKit NA
TensorFlow on AWS NA TensorFlow Enterprise
Amazon Elastic Inference NA Cloud Inference API (alpha)
AWS Greengrass Azure IoT Edge NA
AWS IoT Device Defender Azure Defender for IoT NA
AWS IoT Things Graph Azure Digital Twins NA
Amazon Managed Blockchain Azure Blockchain Service (Preview) NA
Amazon WorkDocs Microsoft 365 G Suite
Amazon WorkSpaces Windows Virtual Desktop NA
Alexa for Business NA Google Assistant
Amazon WorkMail Microsoft 365 G Suite
AWS Ground Station Azure Orbital (Preview) NA
Amazon Lightsail NA NA
AWS Serverless Application Repository NA NA
NA Azure Spring Cloud NA
NA Static Web Apps (Preview) NA
AWS App2Container NA NA
AWS Copilot NA NA
AWS Cloud Map NA NA
NA Azure Bastion NA
NA Azure Route Server (Preview) NA
NA NA Cloud Router
NA NA Network Intelligence Center
NA NA Network Telemetry
NA NA Traffic Director
CloudEndure Disaster Recovery NA NA
NA Azure FXT Edge Filer NA
NA Azure HPC Cache NA
NA Azure NetApp Files NA
NA NA Cloud Storage for Firebase
Amazon Aurora Serverless v2 (Preview) NA NA
Amazon DocumentDB NA NA
Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra) NA NA
Amazon Neptune NA NA
Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) NA NA
Amazon Timestream NA NA
NA Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra NA
NA Azure SQL Database NA
NA Azure SQL Edge NA
NA Azure SQL Managed Instance NA
NA Table Storage NA
NA NA Firestore
NA NA Firebase Realtime Database
Amazon Detective NA NA
AWS Audit Manager NA NA
AWS Firewall Manager NA NA
AWS Security Hub Security Center Security Command Center
NA Azure Defender NA
NA Azure Defender for IoT NA
NA NA Resource Manager
NA NA Cloud Asset Inventory
NA NA Web Risk
NA NA Security key enforcement
NA NA Titan Security Keys
NA NA Phishing Protection
NA NA BeyondCorp Enterprise
NA NA reCAPTCHA Enterprise
AWS Control Tower NA NA
AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry (Preview) NA NA
Amazon Managed Service for Grafana NA NA
Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus NA NA
AWS OpsWorks NA NA
AWS Proton (Preview) NA NA
Amazon Connect NA NA
Amazon Pinpoint NA NA
NA Azure Lighthouse NA
NA Traffic Manager NA
NA Azure Purview NA
Amazon CloudSearch Cognitive Search NA
AWS Data Exchange NA NA
NA Azure Databricks NA
NA Azure Purview NA
Amazon Corretto NA NA
AWS Cloud9 NA NA
AWS CodeStar NA NA
AWS Fault Injection Simulator NA NA
NA Azure Data Studio NA
NA Azure Lab Services NA
NA NA Tekton
NA NA Workflows
NA NA Eventarc
AWS Application Migration Service (CloudEndure Migration) NA NA
AWS Transfer Family NA NA
NA NA BigQuery Data Transfer Service
NA NA Migrate for Anthos
Amazon AppFlow NA NA
Amazon MQ NA NA
NA NA Eventarc
NA NA Workflows
Amazon Pinpoint NA NA
NA Spatial Anchors NA
Amazon DevOps Guru NA NA
Amazon Forecast NA NA
Amazon Fraud Detector NA NA
Amazon Kendra NA NA
Amazon Lookout for Equipment NA NA
Amazon Lookout for Metrics NA NA
Amazon Lookout for Vision NA NA
Amazon Monitron NA NA
AWS DeepComposer NA NA
AWS DeepRacer NA NA
NA Anomaly Detector NA
NA Bing Suite NA
NA Form Recognizer NA
NA Microsoft Genomics NA
NA Project Bonsai (Preview) NA
NA NA AI Hub (beta)
AWS IoT 1-Click NA NA
AWS IoT Analytics NA NA
AWS IoT Button NA NA
AWS IoT Device Management NA NA
AWS IoT Events NA NA
AWS IoT SiteWise NA NA
NA Azure IoT Central NA
NA Azure Percept NA
NA Azure Sphere NA
NA Azure Time Series Insights NA
Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) NA NA
Amazon AppStream 2.0 NA NA
Amazon WorkLink NA NA
AWS RoboMaker NA NA
NA Azure SignalR Service NA
NA Azure Arc (Preview) NA

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