Access aws s3 public bucket


I am trying to download data from one of Amazon’s public buckets.
Here is a description of the bucket in question

The bucket has web accessible folders for example.
I would want to download say all the listed files in that folder.
There will a long list of suitable tiles identified, and the goal would be to get all files in a folder in one go rather than downloading each individually from the http site.

From other StackOverflow questions I realize I need to use the REST endpoint and use a tool like the AWS CLI or Cyberduck, but I cannot get these to work as yet.

I think the issue may be authentication. I don’t have an AWS account, and I was hoping to stick with guest / anonymous access.
Does anyone have a good solution / tool to traverse a public bucket and grab the contents as a guest? Could a different approach using curl or wget work for this type of task?



For the AWS CLI, you need to provide the --no-sign-request flag to skip signing. Example:

To download that entire bucket into a directory, you would do something like this:

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