Add nodes to kubernetes cluster on AWS?


I initially setup a cluster with the utility on AWS. Now I ran out of capacity and I’m looking for a simple way to extend my cluster with more nodes.

Is there a ‘simple’ way to add more nodes to a running cluster on AWS? I’ve been reading all the docs but cannot seem to find a way.



It’s not “simple”, but if you clone the set up on one of your nodes, it will automatically register itself with the master.

Basically you need to clone the kubelet configuration and authorization tokens.

You will also need to set up advanced networking to route packets to the subnet of the node. Again, if you look at the config of an existing node, you should be able to emulate what needs to happen.

This is one of the places where Google Container Engine makes things easier, scaling is integrated into the console experience.

Eventually someone may support Amazon autoscaling groups, but for now this sort of thing is definitely better supported on the Google Cloud Platform.

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