Amazon Elasticsearch – Not able to access Kibana


I have launched Elasticsearch in a Public Subnet, still, I am not able to access the Kibana console from my browser. I am not able to understand the issue, I have configured the Security Group correctly.
Please refer the image below for my setup :

enter image description here

What other setting needs to be made to access Elasticsearch over the internet in a VPC.


If you place your Elastic Search Cluster inside a VPC, whether inside a public or private subnet, the Kibana URL which is generated is internal to the VPC. Which means you cannot access it outside the VPC. You can access it through an EC2 instance inside the VPC i.e. you will have to create a windows EC2 instance inside the same VPC as Kibana and then you will be able to access the Kibana dashboard through the browser of that instance.

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