Amazon RDS mysqldump Issues


I’m trying to retrieve a database from my Amazon RDS instance using mysqldump e.g.

However I’m getting the error:

I can connect to the database using the client however:

I checked the root privileges as well:

These looked OK.

Reading up on this issue I thought it may have been a version mismatch between my EC2 mysqldump and the RDS MySQL server version from this article:

Mysqldump 5.6 version needed on EC2 with MySQL 5.6

So I tried updating the client to version 5.6 however I still got the same error. I’ve tried various different versions now and have currently reverted to:

But I still get the same error. I’ve also tried connecting from another machine however the issue persists.

I’d appreciate it if anyone had any suggestions on what to try next. Seems like a workaround, if there was one wouldn’t be too bad either right now.

Many thanks


Man, I can’t believe I spend 2 hrs to make this work whereas it was an issue of client version.

DB Info: RDS MySQL version: 5.6.13

when I was running mysqldump from my RHEL6.4 Server, I got the below error:

I checked hte version of mysqldump and it was:

I tried yo update it with yum but it says that the most recent in available in yum repo.

So I created a Ubuntu 12.04 instance and installed MySQL client on it.

Now the version on my Ubuntu instance is ;

Then I ran my SQL dump and it wokred like a charm:

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