Amazon s3 – 403 Forbidden with Correct Bucket Policy


I’m trying to make all of the images I’ve stored in my s3 bucket publicly readable, using the following bucket policy.


I have 4 other similar s3 buckets with the same bucket policy, but I keep getting 403 errors.

The images in this bucket were transferred using s3cmd sync as I’m trying to migrate the contents of the bucket to a new account.

The only difference that I can see is that

  1. i’m using an IAM user with admin access, instead of the root user
  2. the files dont have a
    “grantee : everyone open/download file” permission on each of the
    files, something the files had in the old bucket


If you want everyone to access your S3 objects in the bucket, the principal should be “*”, i.e., like this:


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