Amazon s3 bucket dumps entire content in XML upon visiting index


So something weird happened, I’ve set up my AWS S3 bucket for static website hosting, and it all works perfectly fine, but whenever I go to plain domain (For example: ‘’) It returns an XML file error, followed by dumping all the content in that XML. It’ll look like this, but the rest of the domains like ‘’ does work.. I have index.html set as my index in my bucket, and everything seems to be properly configured. Any help?

Also, going to ‘’ does in fact show the index fine, only when you go to ‘’ does it give the XML error.


You have two problems:

  • You’ve misconfigured the bucket ACL or policy to allow everyone to list the objects in the bucket.

How do you list the objects in a bucket? You go to the root of the REST endpoint of the bucket… so what you’re seeing is not an XML “error” — it’s a bucket listing.

This, in turn, reveals the second problem:

  • You’ve configured your domain to point to the REST endpoint, not the web site hosting endpoint.

The web site hosting features are only available from the web site endpoints.

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