Any way to set up AWS Cloudfront to point to static IP address (WP hosted on GoDaddy)?


So I have a WordPress site hosted on Godaddy, but the DNS is on Route53, and I’d like it to be accessed only over https.

So I set up an SSL cert using ACM and a Cloudfront distribution which uses that cert, but all I have from GoDaddy is an IP address Cloudfront doesn’t allow me to set the origin to an IP.

Any way to get this done?


Make up a new hostname. If your domain is, then call it The name doesn’t actually matter as long as it’s currently unused and is in a domain you control.

Create an A record in Route 53 pointing to the IP address of your server.

Then, in CloudFront, set the Origin Domain Name to Set the Origin Protocol Policy to “HTTP Only.” In the Cache Behavior settings, whitelist the Host header for forwarding to the origin.

CloudFront will use that name to find the server’s IP address via Route 53.

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