Are there any emulator for AWS Lambda?


I want to run Go service on AWS Lambda by this instruction without actually using AWS Lambda service. Looking for a vagrant or vbox which can emulating Lambda. I know it’s a weird request. Is it possible?


There are a few options (from damn simple to more complete)

  1. Node Lambda – Command line tool to locally run and remotely deploy your node.js applications to Amazon Lambda.
    • Custom event used to simulate an input similar to what Lambda would get on AWS.
    • Allows testing locally, simulating AWS Lambda environment.
    • Deploy

  1. grunt-aws-lambda – Grunt plugin to assist in developing functions for AWS Lambda.
    • All of the above
    • Function packaging (ZIP)
    • Separation of environments (dev, test, production)
    • Adds stripping and packaging of function before deploying (including only necessary packages).

  1. serverless (formerly JAWS) – Complete application framework to build applications based on different services in AWS (that relies heavily on AWS Lambda).
    • All of the above
    • Includes boilerplate setup
    • Simulates an API gateway to test locally

Hope this is useful.

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