Autoscale based on SQS queue size


I have put together these commands to autoscale EC2 instances based on SQS queue size. I have run all commands and my queue is at 10 messages and a single instance hasn’t been launched.

I am trying to figure out, what SQS queue my cloudwatch alarms are listening to? Also any help to indentify the issus is appreciated!


The AWS Documentation states that:

Amazon Simple Queue Service sends data to CloudWatch every 5 minutes.

Additionally, you have specified an Average metric over several periods of time. Therefore, it will require several 5-minute periods to send Amazon SQS metrics to Amazon CloudWatch.

It’s possible that the metric period (120 seconds) is too short to receive multiple updates from SQS, therefore causing INSUFFICIENT_DATA errors.

Start by trying to get the Alarm to trigger with a Maximum setting and play with the time periods. Once the Alarm is successfully triggering, play with the thresholds to get the desired behaviour.

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