AWS Amazon auto scaling with mixed types of instance


If I have 2 different types of instances say micro and large in my scaling group.
Then how does auto scaling work if I have configured min-machines as 2 and max as 10 ? Does it create 5 instance each of micro and large when fully scaled out ?


The Auto Scaling Group will always create new instances according to the Launch Configuration associated with the group. I’m pretty sure that it will scale down by first terminating instances that don’t match the current Launch Configuration of the group.

If you want to run an application on a cluster of servers that is made up of two different instance types you can do it by creating two Launch Configurations with two Auto Scaling Groups. If your application requires instances to be registered with an Elastic Load Balancer, you can configure both Auto Scaling Groups to register their instances with the same ELB. This way you can scale the different instance types independently of each other.

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