AWS Amplify: AmplifyException ‘You are not authorized to make this call.’


I have integrated aws amplify into and android app by following in my mac book pro.

Now I check-out the same project into another machine mac mini. and trying to run.

I am getting this error, not sure how to fix it.

tried, amplify pull, amplify configure, amplify init. but none are able to resolve this issue.

thanks in advance


Initially, you will see your graphql in Network tab failed because of Authorization.

“My case is App Sync API key is expried. – Freddie Jun 26”

This is the answer, go to Appsync / Settings / API keys.

You will see the “red” key. That means it has expired.

You just need to create a new key. Then replace this new key for appsync api inside your aws-exports.js under name aws_appsync_apiKey

If you have resolved this, I’ll just leave it here so someone else can see it.

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