AWS API Gateway Method to Serve static content from S3 Bucket


I want to serve my lambda microservices through API Gateway which seems not to be a big problem.

Every of my microservices has a JSON-Schema specification of the resource provided. Since it is a static file, I would like to serve it from an S3 Bucket
rather than also running a lambda function to serve it.

So while

should be forwarded to a lambda function. I want

to serve my schema.json from S3.

My naive first approach was to setup the resource and methods for “/v1/contracts/schema – GET – Integration Request” and configure it to behave as an HTTP Proxy with endpoint url pointing straight to the contracts JSON-Schema. I get a 500 – Internal Server error.

Am I on a complete wrong path or do I just miss some configurations ?


Unfortunately there is a limitation when using TestInvoke with API Gateway proxying to Amazon S3 (and some other AWS services) within the same region. This will not be the case once deployed, but if you want to test from the console you will need to use a bucket in a different region.

We are aware of the issue, but I can’t commit to when this issue would be resolved.

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