AWS Automatically Generating New Instance After I Terminate It.


OK, odd thing is happening on AWS.

I downloaded the AWS .NET developer tools and created an elastic beanstalk default instance.
I then, for one reason or another, created another instance via the Visual Studio interface and that instance is where all the clients code / configurations reside. I then returned to the default instance created by elastic beanstalk and terminated it. An hour later, I logged back on and another default instance was up and running. It seems that AWS has detected that I terminated the instance and has spawned another. Some sort of check seems to be in place.
Can somebody tell me what is going on here and how to completely remove the default instance (and its termination protection behavior)?



I’ve experienced something similar. If the instance was created through Elastic Beanstalk, you need to go the Elastic Beanstalk screen in the AWS console and remove the application from there first. If you just terminate the instance from the EC2 screen, Elastic Beanstalk probably thinks that the instance crashed and launches a new one.

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