AWS: Cannot perform more than one GSI creation or deletion in a single update


So I’ve been encountering this issue during serverless deployment:

My DDB table configuration is this:
Configuration in serverless.yml

Additional information:

  • One (1) index is already existing which is the gsi-account-id where it has two (2) keySchema, accountId and the code
  • I added two (2) additional index which are externalId and code


My goal is to add those two (2) additional indexes (externalId and code) but upon doing a serverless deployment, I always encounter the issue said above.


  1. Do I encounter this issue because the code is already existing in the first’s keySchema (gsi-account-id)?
  2. Do you have any idea/suggestion on why do I encounter this issue if the #1 is not the answer?

Thank you for those who’ll help me on this. ❤️


Per the documentation Adding a Global Secondary Index to an Existing Table

You can only create one global secondary index per UpdateTable operation.

You’ll need to add one GSI, deploy that change, then add the second and deploy it.

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