AWS Cognito User Pools and OpenId


I am playing around with Amazon Cognito and after reading some of the docs and creating a user pool I am running into some issues. I believe that a cognito user pool can be used with OpenId to redirect the user to a hosted UI for user authentication (without federating out to another provider). I have tried to use the authentication options in DotNetCore 2 to do this as this is something I have done previous with other providers.

I have the following:

but everytime I try it always returns

Just wondering if anyone had any experience with this please? I have tried to create the user pool in different regions just to make sure that it is not only supported in certain regions but always get the same.


I used to have the same problem. Configured my pool and code according to this tutorial. The crucial part was

Another configuration that may be important is the App integration > Domain name. It allows us to configure what will be the domain of the sign-in and sign-up pages.

After I configured domian name everything worked fine.

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