“aws dynamodb list-tables” not showing the tables present


When I use:

I am getting:

I gave the region as default as I did the same while aws configure.

I also tried with specific region name.

When I check in AWS console also I don’t see any DynamoDB tables, but i am able to access the table programmatically. Able to add and modify item as well.

But no result when enter I use aws dynamodb list-tables and also no tables when I check in console.


This is clearly a result of the commands looking in the wrong place.

DynamoDB tables are stored in an account within a region. So, if there is definitely a table but none are showing, then the credentials being used either belong to a different AWS Account or the command is being sent to the wrong region.

You can specify a region like this:

If you are able to access the table dynamically, the make sure the same credentials being used by your program are also being used for the AWS CLI.

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