aws eb cli 3 sets up application for wrong account


I have multiple AWS accounts and I’m trying out the new command line interface for elastic beanstalk EB CLI 3. When I run the following command eb init I get prompted for the region (good) and then it asks me to “Select an application to use” where it lists the applications from another AWS account (for staging). If I go ahead and “Create new application” that application will be created in my staging account.

Is there some way to configure eb cli3 and get it to use different access keys?


You can set up a new profile to use with the EB CLI. Profiles are shared between the AWS CLI and the EB CLI.

Open up your aws config file: ~/.aws/config and add the following lines:

Then you can call eb init --profile profilename. This will set up the EB CLI to use that specific profile for that specific directory.

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