AWS – Elastic Beanstalk CLI – how to list/change profiles


I have two AWS accounts, one for personal, one for work-related projects. I’ve previously created and deployed to my personal AWS account.

I want to create a work-related app on the work AWS account. I signed in with those credentials, and created a new application from within the console.

Then, in my work project folder, I eb init and eb create/deploy the work app. When I did eb create, it was asking to set up a an environment different than the one I had created in AWS. After creating it, I found that a new project had be created within my personal AWS account.

I was told I have to change profiles doing eb --profile but am not sure of my profile names. How can I list and change my profile from my personal to my work profile?


I was given an access key ID. I tried eb --profile MYKEYID. No message was displayed when I did this. I’m not sure which profile I’m on.


The EB CLI and the AWS CLI share the same credentials.
They are stored in either ~/.aws/config or ~/.aws/credentials.

You can list them using

Once you know what profile you want to use, you can set it permanently for that project by running

in the project directory.

You can see what settings the EB CLI has for your project by looking at the .elasticbeanstalk/config.yml file.

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