AWS Elasticbeanstalk single instance Force SSL Redirect loop


I’m having issues by forcing ssl. I’m using codeigniter and deployed it in AWS single instance with elasticbeanstalk. My htaccess rules below:

But browser gets in a redirect loop. Whatever i tried didnt solve this problem.


As I mentioned in my comment:

in the ssl.conf every call from port 443 is “proxyed” to port 80, so you never get https = on.

I did some tests and I found out that the ProxyPass directive in ssl.conf does not simply redirect every request from port 443 to localhost:80, but basically repeats the request to Apache from scratch, through the port 80 (at least, that’s what I understood).

I checked the value of $_SERVER and found out that HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR, HTTP_X_FORWARDED_HOST and HTTP_X_FORWARDED_SERVER are set during a HTTPS request (but they are NOT set during a HTTP request), meanwhile SERVER_ADDR and REMOTE_ADDR are set to during a HTTPS request (but they are set to different values for HTTP requests).

I assume you can easily check if your request was plain HTTP with something like this (check the syntax, I’m rubbish with Apache):


BEWARE: I couldn’t find any reference in AWS documentation, it’s just an empiric result… they can easily change this behavior!

Happy coding! 🙂

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