AWS General Purpose SSD Charges after reservation of ec2 instances


Please let me aware about the charges of ssd while all ec2 instances is reserved, then why $0.10 per GB-month is deducting?

I have reserved c4.2xlarge and m4.xlarge instances but still charges are continuous deducted from bill the heavy charge only for this below:

$0.10 per GB-month of General Purpose SSD (gp2) provisioned storage – US East (Northern Virginia)

For the saving of cost what can i do more? like above things are not happening.


It appears that your situation is:

  • You have purchase Reserved Instances for a c4.2xlarge and a m4.xlarge instance
  • You are seeing charges for Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) SSD storage

This is normal behaviour.

A Reserved Instance is a pre-payment (either monthly or annual) for Amazon EC2 capacity. When running an EC2 instance that matches the Reserved Instances, there is no hourly charge because the Reserved Instance has pre-paid for that usage.

However, the cost of Amazon EBS is not included with a Reserved Instance. The cost of an EBS volume is additional to your Amazon EC2 costs. This applies for all types of EC2 instances, whether or not they are being charged as Reserved Instances and whether they are Running or Stopped.

Some options to further save money:

  • Only create EBS disk volumes as large as necessary. You always pay for the full size of the volume, so unused space still costs money. You can always modify the volume to make it bigger in future.
  • Turn off instances when they are not required, at least for any instances not covered by your Reserved Instance purchases
  • If you are running additional instances, consider using Spot Pricing (but instances might be terminated if the spot price rises higher than your bid price)

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