AWS Global Services


I’m trying to understand how many Global services does AWS has.
We all know Route53, IAM, CloudFront, WAF are Global.
But also, according to AWS docs: “Due to the nature of the service, some AWS services are delivered globally rather than regionally, such as Amazon Route 53, Amazon Chime, Amazon WorkDocs, Amazon WorkMail, Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon WorkLink.”

But why Chime/WorkDocs/etc are Global? In my web console, I see them as regional ones.
What are the signs that I can understand that they are global?

Is there a list of global services out there at all?
Like I’ve seen that Server Certificates and SES are Global as well, but why?


The only ‘real’ global services are:

Some services are in only one location, such as Amazon Chime (it’s like Slack).

Contrary to what that page says, I think that the Work* services are actually regional.

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