AWS Glue job hangs when calling the AWS Glue client API using boto3 from the context of a running AWS Glue Job?


I’m trying to create a Glue Job that enumerates all tables in a database in my catalog. In order to do so I use the following code snippet:

The job hangs for about 15 minutes and the connection appears to be refused, because I eventually get the following error:

HTTPSConnectionPool(host=’’, port=443):
Max retries exceeded with url: / (Caused by
ConnectTimeoutError(, ‘Connection to timed
out. (connect timeout=60)’))

This issue is specific to the glue API. I can use the S3 API with no problems.

I’ve gone through all my security groups and opened up all the ports to traffic from anywhere. I’ve even added self-referencing rules. But this is to no avail.

I can’t figure out what could be causing the connection to be blocked. Is AWS specifically blocking glue requests?


I was facing the same problem that boto3 calls to glue or s3 were hanging and eventually timing out.

I fixed it by changing the subnet-id when creating the dev-endpoint.
Initially I was using a subnet that routed traffic to an Internet Gateway.
I switched to a subnet routing traffic to an internal NAT gateway. Hope this helps.

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