AWS Glue unable to access input data set


I have a dataset registered in Glue / Athena, call it my_db.table. I’m able to query it via Athena and everything generally seems to be in order.

I’m trying to use this table in a Glue job, but am getting the following fairly opaque error message:

This would appear to indicate that Glue can’t see the catalog entry for my table, or can’t use the information in that entry, but I don’t have any further visibility than that.

Has anyone experience with this error and what might be causing it?


The error message actually describes the problem well – there was no classification for the table being queried.

Tables created via Glue are registered with a Classification – csv, parquet, orc, avro, json. See Creating Tables Using Athena for AWS Glue Jobs.

The table I created ‘manually’ via Athena did not have a classifcation. See the below screenshot from the Glue ‘tables’ page.

enter image description here

The solution is easy: at the end of the CREATE TABLE script user must append a classification property like so

Now the table has a classification within the Glue interface and is accessible via a Glue job.

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