AWS lambda read-only file system error, using docker image to store ML model


I am using a docker container image on lambda to run my ML model. My lambda function has a S3 trigger to fetch images. I am trying to run my lambda function but I am getting this error. Can someone please help me?

error screenshot

PS – now i am aware /tmp is the only writable directory in lambda but how to solve this with that?


As others have mentioned, /tmp is the only writable directory in any AWS Lambda environments, either using containers or not.

Having said that, you should move your entire library (during the lambda runtime — during container image build time doesn’t work) to that directory — such that everything remains connected within the library — and then reference your new library directory in the library path environment for Lambda: LD_LIBRARY_PATH

Referencing your new library directory in the library path environment for Lambda should be done because Lambda looks at the /opt/ directory by default; and since you just moved your library to /tmp, you should also update LD_LIBRARY_PATH to contain that location. This can be done in the Dockerfile:

or during Lambda runtime:

If there are still problems, it may be related to linking problems of your library, or that you didn’t update your LD_LIBRARY_PATH correctly.

EDIT: As pointed out by @rok, you cannot move your libraries during the container image build time, because the /tmp folder will be erased by AWS automatically.

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