AWS node.js SDK error – SignatureDoesNotMatch: Signature expired


Node.js version 0.10.25

AWS SDK Version latest - 2.0.23

I have an app that is continuously listening to a Queue (SQS) and if there are messages posted in that queue the app will read the message and process it and save some data to S3. When I start the app after about 20 minutes I am getting the following error continuously.

It is not an issue with my system time. My system time is in sync with the time of my EC2 instance. Why am I getting this error? Is it related to SQS or S3?


Thanks to Loren Segal (Amazon) for his quick response. Refer for more details. In short, the SDK is not retrying signature errors for which the work around is

This is not a regression i.e, it is not a bug introduced in 2.0.23

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