AWS OpsWorks: how to set the default EBS volume size per layer?


I am sure I am missing something obvious, but I can’t find a way to set the default EBS volume size per layer. Every instance I boot on this layer has a 10GB volume by default.

In the Layer configuration pane I try to add an EBS volume with the size I need, but it won’t let me mount it on “/”.

I need this extra size for my app installed at /srv/www but the doc says one should not mount a volume at this point:

Do not mount Amazon EBS volumes to the following mount points. If the
instance is rebooted, autofs might use them to mount an ephemeral
device instead of your volume.



You can’t mount volumes at /, that’s the root.
Unfortunately you can’t set the root device size in OpsWorks.
But you could mount a volume somewhere else like /mnt/www and symlink there.

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