AWS Personalize in Cost Explorer


I am using for 4 dataset group for example:-

  1. Movies
  2. Mobile
  3. Laptops
  4. AC

And in each datasetGroup, we have 3 datasets with name Users, Item and Item_User_INTERACTIONS

And we also have one solution and Campaigns for each dataset group.

I am also sending the real-time event to AWS Personalize using API (putEvent)

The above things cost me about 100USD in two days and showing 498 TPS hours used and I am unable to find the real reason for this much cost.

Or does AWS Personalize simply cost this much?


As your billing tells you, you have used 498 TPS hours, let’s calculate if it should be $100.

According to official Amazon Personalize pricing:

For first 20K TPS-hour per month you have to pay $0.20 per TPS-hour.

You have used 498 TPS hours in two days, it gives us:
$0.2 * 498 = $99.6 in total.

The answer is: yes, it’s expensive.

Another question is:
How TPS usage is calculated?

They charge you for each TPS that is currently reserved. So if you have a campaign with 1 TPS and it’s created for 24 hours, then you will be charged for 24[h] x 1[TPS] = 24 TPS hours = $4.8.

The problem is, that $0.2 doesn’t look expensive, but if you multiply it by hours, it becomes very expensive.

For testing purposes you should always set TPS to 1, since you cannot set it to 0. 1 TPS allows you to get 3600 recommendations per hour, which is a lot anyways.

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