AWS: Placing an Application Load Balance in front of Elasticsearch Managed Service


I am creating an elasticsearch managed service on AWS;

When creating the service, no explicit instances are created and you are just given a url/endpoint;

I want to expose the service via an ALB, but when creating the corresponding target groups, I am forced to choose between instance and ip, while the only thing I have is an endpoint (url);

How to go about this?


I don’t believe this is currently possible (3rd Jun 2019). @michail_c mentioned the redirect option but unfortunately that won’t help as it just returns a redirect response to a client, but the ES domain isn’t public (assuming a VPC domain).

The easiest thing to do would be setting up an EC2 instance to proxy requests. I’ve been playing with using lambda as a proxy (but still have some kinks to work out with that approach)

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