AWS RDS IP static or dynamic?


I have an RDS instance with a URL that was provided by Amazon. (This URL has an IP that’s associated with (of course)).

To make connecting to the DB easier I made a redirect from my domain like this: “” to the IP of the DB Instance.

For a week it all worked fine, but then, suddenly, it stopped working. After searching for a few hours, I have realized that the IP I was redirecting to was not the same as the IP of the instance.

This made me think that maybe the IPs on RDS are dynamic and the only way to access the DB is with the URL provided by Amazon.

Is this correct? If so, is there away to redirect from one URL to another?


Yes, your observation about the dynamic nature of the IPs for RDS is correct and it is the anticipated behaviour of the Service. Always use the URL provided for RDS instance to access it RDS instance(s).

For most of the use cases, you don’t to do a redirect to access; as the DNS name would go inside a config file / connection string. If you still need a friendly name – you may use the Route53 to create an alias. Here is a documentation link from AWS to accomplish that [ ] – it is easier & convenient.

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