aws s3 buckets are not showing on web console


I have the aws cli setup on my mac and when I list my buckets on the terminal with the command aws s3 ls I get to see four buckets which I can’t see listed in the web console.

I have created an IAM user and when I use the same cli command above with the --profile [username] flag, I see the same bucket that I see in the web console shows up.

My question is: where do I find the four buckets that I see via cli? Why can’t I see them on the web console?

I am signed in as both root user and IAM user in separate browsers and I still don’t see the buckets listed via cli on the web console

One of these mysterious buckets is listed in ap-northeast-1 region. As a root user I can still see the same region being used in the url params as region=ap-northeast-1. I still don’t see the four buckets. I see only one that belongs to the IAM user


The four buckets in question were shared to your AWS account from another AWS account. They are visible in API calls by your root AWS user, but not your other IAM users. To make them show up in API calls from your other IAM users you need to follow this guide, in particular step 2.3 of that guide.

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