AWS S3 JavaScript SDK – NetworkingError: Network Failure


I am trying to use the examples provided by AWS in their Examples in the Browser webpage, and I keep receiving the NetworkingError: Network Failure error. Here is what I am using:

My bucket is in the US Standard region, and I am trouble figuring out whether it uses us-west-2 or us-east-1. When I go to my bucket’s console, the URL is yet someone mentioned on here that US Standard is us-east-1.


This error occurs because you don’t set the CORS configuration.

  1. Open the Amazon S3 console at
  2. Select the name of the bucket you are using from the bucket list.
  3. Next, Choose “Permission” tab.
  4. Then in an editor titled “Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS)”, you need to make sure the S3 bucket has following CORS configuration:

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