AWS Session Manager can’t connect unless opening SSH port


I’m trying to use AWS Systems Manager Session Manager to connect to my EC2 instances.

These are private EC2 instances, without public IP, sitting on a private subnet in a VPC with Internet access through a NAT Gateway.

Network ACLs are fully opened (both inbound and outbound), but there’s no Security Group that allows SSH access into the instances.

I went through all the Session Manager prerequisites (SSM agent, Amazon Linux 2 AMI), however, when I try to connect to an instance through the AWS Console I get a red warning sign saying: “We weren’t able to connect to your instance. Common reasons for this include“.

Then, if I add a Security Group to the instance that allows SSH access (inbound port 22) and wait a few seconds, repeat the same connection procedure and the red warning doesn’t come up, and I can connect to the instance.

Even though I know these instances are safe (they don’t have public IP and are located in a private subnet), opening the SSH port to them is not a requirement I would expect from Session Manager. In fact, the official documentation says that one of its benefits is: “No open inbound ports and no need to manage bastion hosts or SSH keys“.

I searched for related posts but couldn’t find anything specific. Any ideas what I might be missing?



Please make sure you are using Session Manager Console, not EC2 Console to establish the session.

From my own experience, I know that sometimes using EC2 Console option of “Connect” does not work at first.

However, if you go to AWS Systems Manager console, and then to Session Manager you will be able to Start session to your instance. This assumes that your SSM agent, role and internet connectivity are configured correctly. If yes, you should be able to see the SSM managed instances for which to start your ssh session.

Also Security Group should allow outbound connections. Inbound ssh are not needed if you setup up everything correctly.

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