AWS Terraform Lambda Provisioned Concurrency


I’m trying to get provisioned concurrency to work with my API gateway backed Lambda function.

Following config does not work, AWS seems to completely ignore provisioned concurrency and will cold-start.

figuring it might’ve something to do with the version not being specified I tried adding config following the accepted answer here: Terraform – what is the URI to invoke lambda via alias?

but now I’m getting an error that states This object has no argument, nested block, or exported attribute named "user_history_version"

Does anyone know how I can get my provisioned concurrency working?


You’re on the right track – if you use the unqualified lambda arn, you reference the version at $LATEST, while your provisioned concurrency uses the latest published version.

You can fix your problem by either referencing the alias ARN (aws_lambda_alias. user_history_alias.arn), or, if you don’t need the alias for something else, referencing aws_lambda_function.user_history.qualified_arn, which will be the latest published version.

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