AWS was not able to validate the provided access credentials


I have been trying to create Security Group using AWS SDK, but somehow it fails to authenticate it. For the specific Access Key and Secret Key, i have provided the Administrative rights, then also it fails to validate. On the other side, I tried the same credentials on AWS S3 Example, it successfully executes.

Getting following error while creating security group:

Here is the Java Code:


Try to update your Systemtime.

When the diffrence between AWS-datetime and your datetime are too big, the credentials will not accepted.

For Debian/Ubuntu Users:

when you never set your time-zone you can do this with

Stop the ntp-Service, because too large time diffrences, cannot be changed by running service.

Syncronize your time and date (-q Set the time and quit / Run only once) (-g Allow the first adjustment to be Big) (-x Slew up to 600 seconds / Adjuste also time witch large diffrences) (-n Do not fork / process will not going to background)

Restart service

check actual system-datetime

set system-datetime to your hardware-datetime

show your hardware-datetime

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