base64 encode io.Reader


Is there a way to take an io.Reader that contains binary data, and read it out base64 encoded.

I see in encoding/base64 there is

but that assumes the io.Reader data is base64 and returns an io.Reader to decode it to binary.


which returns a io.Writer to encode binary to base64 but I’m need to use the go-aws-sdk s3manage Uploader, which takes an io.Reader interface.

input needs implement the io.Reader interface

The data is large, so I don’t want to read the input fully into memory before doing the encoding


The concept of a Pipe is used to change Readers into Writers and vice-versa.

Using an io.Pipe, you can copy the source io.Reader into the encoder, and pass the io.PipeReader as the body to be uploaded.

The error handling is a little unusual if you want to pass it through, but it’s possible using the CloseWithError method. Make sure you also note the correct order to close the pipe and encoder.

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