Build Failed – Non-Zero Exit Code Detected after ‘npm build’ in AWS Amplify


I am linked my AWS Amplify app to a new React Gatsby GitHub repo for continuous deployment. The app compiles fine locally, but I am getting an error in the ‘Frontend’ during the AWS build, saying that the file is ‘killed’ at the npm run build line, followed by ‘Non-Zero Exit Code Detected’ error. Below is a link to a screenshot of the error:

AWS Amplify Error

Below are the contents of my amplify.yml file in AWS:

Do I need to edit the amplify.yml file, or maybe add something to a package-lock or gatsby-node file?


Your script looks fine.

Would you be able to confirm that the IAM Role ‘AWSAmplifyExecutionRole’ has the AdministratorAccess permission? In order to do a CloudFormation deploy the role needs that permission in order to create all the resources in the stack.


Please share the error log content, if possible.

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