Can not connect web socket with javascript


I want to connect to my web socket that put on amazone instance with some ip. I can connect my web socket with some ip and port with google rest client app and its working very well.
Screen Shot :
enter image description here

But if i want to connect this with java script it can not connect. This is working fine before 2-3 month. i have not change and thing but its not working now.
If i want to connect with firefox it produce an error.
Here is my code :-

This is alerting status 0 and error show in console :-


I’d try your code and for me is working just fine, I’d test it with this webpage: , maybe could be helpful for testing purposes. But also i found this question: websocket-rails, websocket handshake error , maybe also help.
However i’d just change the host in your code to this:”ws://”, and everything works without problems.
Hope you find a solution and that this info was of any help. Here’s your code that i used for the test:

*Sorry for my bad english.

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