Can you create AWS RDS Aurora tables using CDK?


I’m fairly new to AWS CDK, and I just created an architecture with an Aurora cluster inside of it. Is there a way to initialize a database schema inside of my CDK files? It seems a bit annoying to create the instance and then have to connect through other means in order to set up a schema. My impression of CDK is that you can do everything relating to setting up the services, so I was curious if this is a possibility.

If this isn’t possible, can I use a lambda that fires off after the CDK deployment? Or maybe have a snapshot inside of s3? I’m just trying to find the best solution!


You can do this, although it requires you to execute it as a custom resource within the CDK.

You would need to create a Lambda function the performs the SQL DDL tasks for you. This would then return a successful flag back to the execution runtime to say that this “resource” was successfully created.

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