Can you send SNS push notification from lambda function in Amazon AWS?


I am developing an application with Amazon AWS and what I am trying to achieve is to attach a lambda function to DynamoDB table, so after a new row is added ,the lambda function is triggered.
In the above mentioned lambda function I want to add the functionality to send a push notification with Amazon SNS service, but I could not find any information in their documentation if that is possible and if it is, what exactly needs to be done to get it working? What I found in their documentation is that you can attach lambda function trigger to a SNS topic, which means that after a notification is pushed then the function is called, but what I am interested in is to send a push notification directly from lambda function. I would appreciate if someone shed some light on this topic for me.


Yes, you can call any of the API functions from Lambda. Perhaps if you posted some code and the errors you are getting you could get more specific help.

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