Cannot access AWS Lambda console with the error saying ‘You do not have sufficient permission. Access denied.’


previously I had been able to deploy my lambda functions without any problems on my own AWS account. Now, I need to deploy them on to a different AWS account where my IAM user has an AdministratorAccess permission.

I’ve set up a role/policies for invoking lambdas the same way I did for my account. Before I deployed my code with terraform, I checked the console page for AWS lambda , and this error pops up.

enter image description here

Any idea why I still don’t have enough permissions to access lambda even with my AdministratorAccess policy attached to my user?. Do I still need to add more policies to my user in order to access Lambda?


I have faced the same issue. You need to contact AWS to unlock your access as your account has been locked due to potentially dangerous activity.

I recommend you to enable MFA and use an IAM user to log in to AWS console instead of root user.

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