Can’t create ScalingPolicy – No scalable target registered


I’ve followed the example here but when I try to update my stack I get the following error:

All the examples and documentation Ive seen show the resource id as something like :


I dont see how or where I can get the resource id in this format.

The CF looks like this:

The cluster is created in a separate stack so I have to export/import that.

Can anyone see what I’ve done wrong here?



Just ran into the same error,

Not too sure what @Jonesie means by adding them together, but there’s two ways to solve this:

Either add “DependsOn: AutoScalingTarget” to AutoScalingPolicy, so the scalable target gets created before the AutoScalingPolicy

Or use ScalingTargetId in stead of ServiceNamespace/ScalableDimension/ResourceId. By using ScalingTargetId and then !Ref AutoScalingTarget you’re setting up the dependency between the two resources, which is the actual problem 😉


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