Can’t get SSH connections through AWS Session Manager working


I have an EC2 instance in a private subnet in which I want to copy files.

Instead of a S3 bucket I want to use Secure File Copy through Session Manager as documented on here and announced on here.

A running EC2 instance is attached with an instance profile containing the policy AmazonEC2RoleforSSM. On my local machine (macOS 10.14.5) the AWS CLI (aws-cli/1.16.195) and the Session Manager Plugin ( is installed and .ssh/config is configured accordingly.

  • I can log into the instance with Session Manager on the web AWS Console.
  • I can log into the instance using the CLI with aws ssm start-session --target i-XXX.
  • I can’t log into the instance using SSH. I’ve tried 2 different OpenSSH client versions:


When I run ssh ec2-user@i-XXX it hangs infinitely. However I can see an connected session in the Session Manager. When I SIGTERM the process I get following output and the session is terminated:


When I run ssh ec2-user@i-XXX I get the following error and need to manually terminate the session in the Session Manager:


I just got an answer from AWS Support and it working for me now. There was a bug in one of the following components.

Ensure at least following versions and it should work then.


  • aws cli: aws-cli/1.16.213 Python/3.7.2 Darwin/18.7.0 botocore/1.12.203
    • aws --version
  • session-manager-plugin:
    • session-manager-plugin --version

target ec2 instance

  • amazon-ssm-agent: 2.3.687.0
    • for AmazonLinux yum info amazon-ssm-agent | grep "^Version"

I’ve also created a neat SSH ProxyCommand script that temporary adds your public ssh key to target instance during connection to target instance.

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