Can’t git aws.push to elastic beanstalk with ruby repo


I’ve gone through all the steps in the different tutorials.

I’ve gotten my elastic beanstalk instance to create via +eb init+
and I have set my path correctly.

Then I did a
git .init
and tried a
git aws.push
and got the error of :

Now I had cloned this project at first from another git repo so I then did an

spun down the instance and then did a

on the working directory to clear out any items that would be left in there from the previous clone.

I then did the

again so all the .git info would be re-regenerated

I have even followed the steps from
and did a

then once I tried to do the:

I was greeted with the same same error message as before.

Granted this is my first beanstalk instance I’m not sure where I’m going wrong here. Are you only allowed to run the git commands from the same directory where you downloaded the CLI to?

UPDATE I did find another link that said to do this step:

But all that did was give me this message:

OS: Linux (Ubuntu / LTS 12.04)


It says that the file does not exists, but the error is caused because ruby is not installed. So if you are using Linux (Ubuntu), you should install it using this command:

That worked for me.

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