Can’t pass my credentials to AWS PHP SDK


I installed AWS PHP SDK and am trying to use SES. My problem is that it’s (apparently) trying to read ~/.aws/credentials no matter what I do. I currently have this code:

And am still getting “Cannot read credentials from ~/.aws/credentials” error (after quite a while).

I tried ‘credentials’ => $provider of course, that was the idea, but as it wasn’t working I reverted to hardcoded credentials. I’ve dumped $S3_AK and $S3_PK and they’re fine, I’m actually using them correctly for S3, but there I have Zend’s wrapper. I’ve tried ~/.aws/credentials (no “.ini”) to the same result. Both files having 777 permissions.

Curious information: I had to set memory limit to -1 so it would be able to var_dump the exception. The html to the exception is around 200mb.

I’d prefer to use the environment variables, all though the credentials file is fine. I just don’t understand why it appears to be trying to read the file even though I’ve hardcoded the credentials.

EDIT: So a friend showed me this, I removed the profile and also modified the try/catch and noticed the client seems to be created properly, and the error comes from trying to actually send an email.


OK, I managed to fix it.
I couldn’t read the credentials file but it wasn’t exactly my idea.
What was happening was that the actual client was being created successfully, but the try/catch also had the sendEmail included. This was what was failing.
About creating the client with explicit credentials: If you specify region, it will try and read a credentials file.

About the SendEmail, this is the syntax that worked for me, I’d found another one also in the AWS docs site, and that one failed. It must’ve been for an older SDK.

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