Cloud Formation – can’t upload template file


I try and create a stack by uploading a template.
That fails with an error heading that is blank.

I have permissions to create buckets, upload files, create EC2 instances, etc.
I tried switching to my root account even but that didn’t help.

I’ve tried different YAML files and examples but none seem to work.
Without meaningful error messages with actionable items I am stuck.

enter image description here

enter image description here


I was in the wrong region

Once I switched to us-east-1 (Virginia) in the management console itself, all these problems went away. When I switch to another region they return. The template also refers to resources in us-east-1. So this explains how to avoid the error, however the poor (even blank) error messages are very unhelpful. I am still not sure if the other region AMI ref is the issue or whether you just need to be in N. Virginia to run cd.

At one point I had even got the template to execute (though resource created still failed) by using an S3 bucket that I had created for the template file instead of the upload file functionality. When I used the ‘load from S3 bucket’ approach it actually uploaded but then failed in stack creation due to the wrong region issue (AMIs for example are region specific). This just added to the confusion when debugging the issue.

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