CloudFront can’t use S3 Website origin, only REST origin Cloudformation


I’m trying to automate spinning up a CloudFront distribution with S3 origin. I’d like to set the origin to the S3 website URL, e.g. So, I thought my Cloudformation template should look like this:

However that yields the following error:

The parameter Origin DomainName does not refer to a valid S3 bucket.

Which is true, so I can specify the S3 bucket. But I want my origin to be the website endpoint. My non-automated workaround is to deploy with the S3 REST endpoint and update the origin in the UI after.

According to the docs:

The DNS name of the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket or the HTTP server from which you want CloudFront to get objects for this origin.

I can’t find anything about a website endpoint origin.


I don’t think you’ve included quite all the relevant parts of your configuration.

The issue here is that an origin that is an S3 website hosting endpoint is not an S3 origin — it’s a custom origin.

Anything other than the REST endpoint of a bucket is always a custom origin.

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