Configuring HTTPS for Netlify subdomain registered on AWS Route 53


I have two websites hosted on Netlify. The first has the following domains

Netlify’s one-click HTTPS works perfectly. In AWS Route 53 I have the following configurations:


I have a problem with my second site. The domain in Netlify is as follows:

In Route 53:

I can’t enable HTTPS in Netlify. I’ve also tried using NS with the same nameservers and no luck either.


It looks like you are putting in the Netlify Nameservers in addition to keeping the Route 53 Nameservers or your old nameservers.

enter image description here

If you want Netlify to manage your DNS, remove the old NS entries and follow the docs to enter your settings on

If you want to keep managing DNS from Route 53, remove the Netlify NS entries and follow the docs for Custom Domain DNS configuration.

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